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Welcome to UK Stressballs!

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Stressballs are addictive squeezy promotional gifts...
If you’ve got a new business to advertise or a new product to talk about then you’ll want to make an INSTANT impression to get noticed. Brightly coloured, squeezy branded stress shapes do exactly that!

UK manufactured stressballs are the only slow release foam stress products available anywhere in the world. This is what gives them a quality feel, staying on your clients’ desks long after you’ve introduced yourself, giving you and your business maximum exposure.

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What you get from the UK Manufacturer...

Urofoam is the ONLY manufacturer of genuine memory foam stressballs. Dealing with the UK manufacturer is the easiest way to buy stressballs. No long lead times, no quality issues, no prints rubbing off, no delays and no misunderstandings.

We explain the process clearly and in a lot of cases we’ll send 3D visuals of what your finished product will look like, so you can feel confident taking your enquiry with us further. Everything from CAD, tool making, production & printing is done in-house which gives us the control to provide you the best product & service.

What's the difference between a UK Stressball and a Chinese Stressball?

Urofoam is the ONLY manufacturer of stressballs anywhere in the western world. Chinese products are harder and light in weight compared to our UK made items. The heavier a stressball is the “squidgier” it becomes, giving Urofoam stressballs a quality feel. Really complex custom shapes are only available in the UK, we will work with you to develop your idea and make it unique to your company. This open dialogue allows you to control your order and achieve the maximum impact for your client’s marketing campaign.

Can't find what your looking for?

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