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Not only can you get your stressballs made here in England, you can have any colour, any shape, custom shapes, 3D visuals, visit our factory, speak to anyone you want to AND get super fast delivery!


-No long lead times
-No quality issues
-No toxic chemicals
-No prints rubbing off
-No misunderstandings


Whether it’s stressballs or a development project, the process is simple. Call or email us with your idea and we can tell you straight away how to proceed. We quote for stressballs instantly and on R&D projects we discuss your objective and work out which material will achieve the best results. We regularly sign NDA’s so if you need to discuss your project in confidence please email sales@urofoam.co.uk


Every time you go to see your customer what’s the first thing they say?... “What’s new?”

There are only so many ways a pen or a USB key can be changed to make it a bit different – so why not produce a completely new product just for that customer?

Custom stressballs give you a genuine answer to that “what’s new?” question. An individual shape capitalising on either a customer’s logo or their product gives a truly unique corporate gift. By working with Urofoam you can have classy 3D images almost immediately for your customer to rotate around, zoom in on, and creatively modify the idea. This costs you nothing and looks really professional.

The order can then be made and sent within 3 weeks! You can’t do this reliably using Chinese sources – so you close a deal that otherwise wouldn’t happen. Learn more on our Custom Shapes page.

That’s one way to make money using the UK manufacturer!


Well both really, add buckets of insane optimism and you have a truly exciting bunch to work with.

We’ve been making PU products for A LONG TIME, since 1988 in fact and we’re pretty good at what we do so whether you want a simple ball with a single colour print or a complex replica of the widget you’ve just created, your experience with us will be easy going and satisfying with a cracking product at the end.

Squeezy corporate giveaways are not the only products we specialise in. Our flexible, viscoelastic and integral skin systems are used for a wide range of applications including playground equipment, NHS wheelchairs, branded bar furniture, components for high end supercars and ear plugs for horses – yes really!

The extensive range of materials and techniques we offer are perhaps the most comprehensive in Europe. So if you get an ‘out of the box’ request – we’ll take a look.

For more details on our contract moulding visit our dedicated site www.foammouldings.co.uk


"We can supply stressballs made from our own recycled materials, you can have complete confidence you get what you ask for. We offer an accreditation service so you can have your product tested by an independent assessor before we go into full production."

For 27 years we've manufactured anything from baby changing mats to horses ear plugs

Here's our story so far...

  • 1988

    Urofoam started making foam footballs for schools – we started with a 14 station machine called ‘Big Ball’ (inspired!) and it’s still going today.

  • 1992

    Current MD Mike Stables took over Urofoam and pushed it onto dizzier heights. With his chemistry degree, messy materials, a lab and lots of cups he created a new formula and stressballs were born in Congleton, Cheshire.

  • 1994

    Transfer prints were being bought in from overseas which gave us zero flexibility, so we formulated our own systems and brought it in-house. We started printing in a portacabin next to the factory and now it’s expanded into a 2000sqft dedicated print space.

  • 1997

    The dot com boom hits and everyone with a computer wants to advertise their business idea at the next trade exhibition. Urofoam’s order books are chocka and the future looks rosy! So rosy in fact, we start looking for new factory space to expand..... Cue a holiday to the Lake District....

  • 1998

    Clarks shoes moves their manufacturing overseas so we move into one of their 80,000sqft factories on the Cumbrian coastline. Ironically Clarks approach us with some contract work to make footbeds as our technologies are very similar. We had a long and profitable relationship with Clarks and made thousands of pairs of footbeds for them. This is where our next idea came in....

  • 2001

    Stressballs and foamballs were going well so we decided to explore new areas of manufacturing. We had an old shoe factory, lots of experienced shoe makers on staff and the space to grow so we bought a CNC machine and set about launching Softwalker Ltd. We stepped into the world of direct mail and sold ladies comfort footwear throughout the UK.

  • Meanwhile

    Our top class engineers let loose with a sparkly new CNC machine opened up a whole new range of moulding opportunities. We expanded our contract moulding business by building new production lines and were ready to take on the weird and the wonderful. We make anything from supercar components to operating theatre equipment. Take a look at our contract moulding site foammouldings.co.uk

  • 2004

    Our knowledge in biomechanics coupled with the technical knowhow of shoemaking provided our customers with a new experience of buying footwear, with that we decided to open our first store. Our aim was to create a store where individual one to one service was paramount, a sort of ‘specsavers for feet’. Then in 2006 we opened our store in Cheshire where people would travel from all around the UK to be fitted for footwear.

  • Meanwhile

    More complex requests for foam mouldings were being developed including playground equipment and iPad buffers for construction sites. Our stressballs and foamballs machines were booked weeks in advance and our technical abilities were pushed all the time at the customer’s request.

  • 2008

    The crash. We were all affected, many of our customers went out of business and it seemed the last thing anyone wanted to spend money on were squeezy freebie stressballs. Manufacturing in the UK is not cheap so competing with our Chinese rivals on price alone was difficult, we had to offer better product, quicker and more bespoke to the customer – our custom shapes will blow your mind read more about our Custom Shapes

  • 2010

    Rising costs, cheap competition and low margins were the main factors in shutting down Softwalker. While it was a painful decision our contract moulding business was growing and new industries were opening up to us, our knowledge and experience was a force to be reckoned with!

  • Present Day

    We have been awarded ISO9001 quality standard and now we are working towards TS16949, the main reason for this is to successfully compete in the automotive sector. A pledge has been made by the government to bring car manufacturing processes back to UK shores. Our experience in automotive components makes us an ideal UK manufacturer and supplier.